The Pocket Black (zipper)
The Pocket Black (zipper)
The Pocket Black (zipper)
The Pocket Black (zipper)

The Pocket Black (zipper)

Geldbörsen The Pocket Black (zipper)

49,00 €


Pocket: tomorrow's wallet. Tomorrow starts with the little things. Obviously if it's not minimalist, it's not Muroexe, so the first thing you'll notice is that it has a very good design. With 1 large compartment, 3 card holders and 2 separate cash dividers (to avoid the typical thing of you travelling to Mars and mixing foreign currencies).

It has an outer fabric resistant to water, in case you drop the drink when you see the bill, and a nylon interior. Ah and with an ultraslim design so you can take it wherever you want. With or without zipper, you choose. 


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